Wondrous Wilds Mod 1.19.2 → 1.19

✅ Minecraft versions: 1.19.2 - 1.19

👤 Author(s): Ineffa

🔩 Modloader: Fabric

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Have you ever felt lonely while playing vanilla Minecraft with your usual mobs? Not anymore! New playmates await you with the Wondrous Wilds mod! This Minecraft mod aims to add more mobs to the game, but because it is still in its early stages, there isn’t much in it yet. However, the developer promises that there are already a lot of things planned, so we can expect a lot more stuff to be added to it as time goes on, or we can simply hold him accountable.

The Wondrous Wilds mod in action
But don’t pass judgement just yet; even though it only adds two mobs right now, there’s no denying that these mobs have more features than the regular mobs in-game. Aside from the developer’s promise, the quality of the additional content provided by this mod is simply amazing. This mod aims to be what “The Wild Update” should and could have been by adding things that should have been in it, improving on existing aspects of it, and massively improving and expanding on the Overworld in general; all with a heavy emphasis on quality over quantity in all aspects.

It pecks wood!

The most awaited bird in history has arrived in Wondrous Wilds: the woodpecker. You should check out Ineffa’s video; it’s fantastic. The woodpecker does not just peck wood like other woodpeckers; it has many more characteristics. This woodpecker hops around on the ground and flies through the air quickly. It also makes a cute chirping sound and moves. These woodpeckers add realism by living in tree hollows or nest boxes, similar to bees, and returning to rest inside them at night or during rain.

A woodpecker in Minecraft from the Wondrous Wilds mod
They appear to be staying close to their home, which is a brilliant use of spawn point parameters. They can cling to the side of any block, just like real woodpeckers, as long as it has a flat solid surface and an empty space next to it. When you meet them in the game, you’ll quickly realize how adorable they are because they enjoy interacting with various blocks. They will play by moving up to the block, clinging to it when possible, and then randomly pecking at it.

One other mob that flies

Another mob added by this mod is fireflies. Unlike the regular dot fireflies seen in other mods, this mod prevents us from settling for a basic one. Unlike most mods with a similar mob, the fireflies in this mod bring features. Fireflies in the Wondrous Wilds can navigate by flying and walking, and they can switch between the two. They use sophisticated, data-driven spawning mechanics. They can spawn on the surface at night in warm and humid biomes, but only during rain in others. Furthermore, you may occasionally find them spawning underground in Lush Caves. These fireflies will also fly to mobs and players on occasion to land and sit on top of them.

A hollow log of birch wood in a new Birch Forest biome in Minecraft
They will try to hide in the grass if they are exposed to sunlight. This mod is superior to any other mob-generation mod. With features that have yet to be added and the current quality of the added mobs, you can only expect well-made mobs with well-made animations. Don’t pass up this opportunity! Make sure to download and install Wondrous Wilds as soon as possible!

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Download Wondrous Wilds for Minecraft 1.19.2

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