1.19.3 Mods

This page contains a collection of all the best mods for Minecraft 1.19.3. Even though this version is merely a security update to the already content packed 1.19 update, you will need to update your mods.

1.19.3 mods simply do not work with previous versions of Minecraft. This has to do with the modloaders also requiring an update as soon as a new Minecraft version comes out.

Luckily, most popular 1.19.3 mods have been updated to run with either Forge or Fabric for this new version by now. This means you can enjoy almost any mods you were using in previous versions in this new version too. If you want to narrow your search to a specific category, use the Categories menu above. This will show you mods sorted by category.

Mods for this version include YDM’s Red Panda, as well as popular performance increasing mods such as Sodium and Optifine.