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Can you perform a kickflip? If you answered yes, then the I Wanna Skate mod was created just for you! Your dreams of becoming the overworld’s next Tony Hawk have finally come true! Go ahead and construct your own complete using in-game materials. You get to design your skateboard from the ground up. You can build your decks, trucks, wheels, and hardware out of wood blocks, iron ingots, and Skater Skeletons’ looted parts!

Wandering skater, a skating villager in Minecraft
These complete sets also include a variety of colorful grip tape and deck art, so you can be confident that you will be able to create the skateboard of your dreams. These skateboards ride best on stone terrains, which makes sense, since real-life skateboards would also ride best on flat concrete or wooden floors found in skate parks. Riding these skateboards on grass or dirt wouldn’t be a good idea unless you enchant them with the Earthcrosser enchantment. Speaking of enchantments, there are tons of enchantments you can apply to your boards.

Useful not only in skate sessions

We can safely assume that those who skate in real life will not find these enchantments in I Wanna Skate necessary, but they will come in handy once they tire of just using their skateboards as intended. These enchantments are also very useful if you want to use your skateboard for purposes other than performing tricks. Aerial I-IV lengthens the airtime of ollies and kickflips. Bashing I-IV increases melee damage of skateboards in-hand, while skating and adds contact damage. The skateboard can be used underwater thanks to Benthic. Clambering allows the skateboard to climb up one-block heights automatically.

✅ Minecraft versions: 1.19.4, 1.19.3 - 1.19

👤 Author(s): sbom_xela

🔩 Modloader: Forge

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In addition, the hardwood enchantment hardens the skateboard, preventing it from being damaged by natural elements such as fire and cacti. Inertial I-III reduces the rate at which inertia is lost while skating, allowing you to perform more tricks in a single push. Dismounting the board immediately returns it to the skater’s inventory, thanks to Instant Return. Onboarding allows mobs who walk over the board to start skating with it. Pedaling I-II reduces the amount of time required to push the board. Secured reduces fall damage and prevents falling off the board.

The perfect skateboard mod

Controlling a skateboard with this adventure mod is not the same as controlling mounts. Holding the forward key will begin to push and propel the board forward, filling up the “inertia” bar on the left side of the screen. When this bar is full, you can stop pedaling until you lose significant speed; otherwise, you will not be able to skate at your maximum speed! Holding the back key will instantly stop the skateboard’s movement and lift the front of it off the ground. This effect is especially cool and accurate, leading us to believe that the developer of I Wanna Skate is a skater in real life, as most animations are accurate and there are no push mongo or mall grabs. The left and right keys can be used to steer the skateboard while it is in motion.

Skateboard in Minecraft from the I Wanna Skate mod
Because falling can cause injury, it is best to wear a helmet. The large bar that replaced the XP bar is a trick bar that functions similarly to a horse’s jump bar. Filling up this bar halfway by holding space will result in an ollie, and filling it up the rest of the way will result in a kickflip. You can land ollies on top of rails, walls, fences, and iron bars, and perform grinds, mostly 50-50s. We only wish that more tricks, such as nollies, hard flips, and shove-its, would be available in the future.

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