Better Animals Plus 1.19.2 → 1.12

✅ Minecraft versions: 1.19.2 - 1.19, 1.18.2 - 1.18, 1.17.1 - 1.17 | 1.16.X - 1.12.X

👤 Author(s): cybercat5555 and itsmeowdev

🔩 Modloader: Forge and Fabric

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Better Animals Plus is intended to be a companion mod for Better Animals mod. Doing so would greatly improve your in-game experience, Although you can also use the Better Animals Plus mod on its own. Just like other mods with a similar goal, Better Animals Plus aims to upgrade your Minecraft experience by adding a whole new set of mobs. The mobs added by this mod can be hostile, or passive, and there’s even a mini-boss. Better Animals Plus does not stop there, however. It has more to offer.

Peaceful mobs

Some mobs in the passive list are the Deer, Lammergeier, Pheasant, Reindeer, Squirrel, and Songbird. These mobs don’t attack you for any reason. In fact, they are so cute and harmless that they can be kept as pets for decoration or flocks for food. Along with these animals are neutral ones.

A turkey from the Better Animals Plus Mod
They are able to hurt you, but won’t do so unless you attack them first. They are the Black Bear, Kermode Bear, Fox, Goat, Jellyfish, and Badger.

Aggressive mobs

This mod also adds aggressive animals and mobs such as the Brown/Grizzly Bear, Coyote, Feral Wolf, Boar, Tarantula, Hirschgeist (Miniboss), and Lamprey. These are hostile and would attack you on sight. Some of them like the Coyotes would only be hostile at night, so be sure to take note of that because they won’t attack you during the daytime, and you might think that they are tame.

Moose in Minecraft from the Better Animals Plus mod
Along with these new animals and mobs are items and materials that add up a lot of fun content. Some of these items are the Hand of Fate, Deer Head, Wolf Head, Fox Head, Reindeer Head, Boar Head, Trillium, Hirschgeist Skull, Antler, Goat Cheese, Goat Milk, Hirschgeist Skull (Wearable), Cooked Pheasant, Raw Pheasant, Cooked Venison, and Raw Venison. These items are key to accessing certain rituals and craftable equipment. If you are in search of a mod that will add new content to your game, make sure to check out the Better Animals Plus mod.

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Download Better Animals Plus for Minecraft 1.19.2

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Mods require Forge or Fabric to work properly. Forge and Fabric are mod loaders which allow you to load and use mods in Minecraft. If you don’t know how to install a mod loader and mods, use the tutorial below.


  • First, you need to download Forge Modloader.
  • Once it has finished downloading, you open the file and install Forge.
  • Now select the Forge mod loader profile in the Minecraft Launcher and click play.
  • If you want to add mods, click “Mods” in the main menu, and click Open Mods folder. Drag in your Forge mods, they will be loaded the next time you launch Minecraft.

If you need more help to install mods, use these tutorials.
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